Merge branch 'development'
[NeonServV5.git] / src /
2013-08-11 pk910Merge branch 'development' master
2013-08-11 pk910fixed crash bug in cmd_NeonServ.mod/cmd_neonserv_set.c
2013-04-06 pk910Merge branch 'development'
2013-04-06 pk910fixed missing DESYNCHRONIZE
2013-04-04 pk910fixed crash in cmd_NeonServ.mod/cmd_neonserv_mode.c
2013-02-27 pk910(thanks to the people reading git and excessively explo...
2013-02-22 pk910fixed possible crash in cmd_NeonServ.mod/cmd_neonserv_m...
2013-02-13 pk910Merge branch 'development'
2013-02-13 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2013-02-13 pk910fixed missing include for non-blocking connects IOMultiplexer.git/master
2012-12-19 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-12-17 pk910increased MAXLANGUAGES definition
2012-12-17 pk910added missing example arguments to language entry NS_NI...
2012-12-17 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-12-17 pk910updated cmd_version information
2012-12-17 pk910fixed language format string fail
2012-12-11 pk910added possibility to select a bot used for the statistics
2012-12-06 pk910added NeonBackup recover command
2012-11-26 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-11-26 pk910fixed bot_HeonHelp.c compilation error
2012-11-22 pk910added possibility to require users to be authenticated...
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added auto-reloading timers
2012-11-17 pk910fixed crash in cmd_neonserv_mode.c
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added possibility for higher resolution...
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added timer test program
2012-11-14 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed non-SSL compilation
2012-11-12 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-11-12 pk910fixed game_blackjack point counter
2012-11-12 pk910fixed game_uno +2/+4 timeout handling
2012-11-12 pk910fixed some small things in blackjack game
2012-11-12 pk910added blackjack game
2012-11-11 pk910do not trigger kick event for Net Rider kicks
2012-11-10 pk910search another bot if unable to send funcmd replies...
2012-11-10 pk910added possibility to list all known mutexes in mutexDebug.c
2012-11-10 pk910modified IOEngine.h to use mutexDebug.c
2012-11-10 pk910added mutex debugger
2012-11-03 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-11-03 pk910fixed modcmd subcommand linker: do not cut off the...
2012-11-03 pk910fixed small declaration error caused by da9c3e6
2012-10-24 pk910ignore ENFTOPIC restriction if no TOPICMASK is set
2012-10-23 pk910allow any removals of bot matching bans (even if user...
2012-10-23 pk910fixed spamlimit setting mysql query
2012-10-19 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-10-19 pk910fixed cmd_users output filter
2012-10-18 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-10-18 pk910do not throw an "PARSE ERROR" error for ZNC messages...
2012-10-18 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IoMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-10-18 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed SSL accept event handling
2012-10-18 pk910fixed timeq (free name before executing the callback)
2012-10-18 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-10-18 pk910reimplemented auto reconnect for bots
2012-10-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added SSL Server Sockets and IPv4/IPv6...
2012-09-28 pk910do not filter access levels if not wanted (show databas...
2012-09-27 pk910do not throw PARSE ERRORs for "NOTICE AUTH" RAWs
2012-09-27 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-27 pk910fixed log mutex location
2012-09-27 pk910include full raw in PARSE ERROR message
2012-09-27 pk910added cmd_myaccess override message and blocked iohandl...
2012-09-27 pk910added override log
2012-09-27 pk910added new multi log system
2012-09-26 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-26 pk910fixed some missing includes
2012-09-26 pk910fixed main.c multi thread support
2012-09-26 pk910fixed renameAccount function (merging mode)
2012-09-24 pk910wait for bots to be disconnected on shutdown
2012-09-24 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-09-24 pk910added additional iohandler_poll_timeout function
2012-09-24 pk910fixed small startup crash in main.c
2012-09-24 pk910added some usleep milliseconds to give IOHandler the...
2012-09-24 pk910tidied up main.c code
2012-09-24 pk910added "all" argument to cmd_invitemeall to get invited...
2012-09-23 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-23 pk910added SUB_LINKER command flag to add a quiet sub comman...
2012-09-23 pk910moved inviteme all to an own command called invitemeall
2012-09-23 pk910added "all" argument to inviteme to invite users to...
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed copy paste fail in IOEngine_kevent.c
2012-09-22 pk910fixed path of mysql/errmsg.h (OSX compilation fix)
2012-09-22 pk910fixed undefined PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE_NP (OSX has...
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed undefined PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE...
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/IOMultiplexe...
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed IOEngine_kevent.c
2012-09-22 pk910fixed OSX build
2012-09-22 pk910added uptime to stats module
2012-09-12 pk910subtract REWHO_TIMEOUT from UserNode::last_who on Regis...
2012-09-12 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-12 pk910trigger join event on Registered rejoin
2012-09-11 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-11 pk910use putsock function instead of iohandler functions...
2012-09-10 pk910fixed cache asyncs caused by users rejoining the channe...
2012-09-09 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-09 pk910fixed cmd_neonspam_set.c neonspam_cmd_set_reaction_time...
2012-09-09 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-09 pk910fixed cmd_neonserv_set trigger mysql query
2012-09-09 pk910removed unused code in bots.c
2012-09-09 pk910fixed WIN32 compilation
2012-09-09 pk910fixed colors in cmd_neonserv_nicklist.c (again)
2012-09-09 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'