2015-02-18 Strictedfix possible crash on user deletion master
2013-10-04 NurPechfixed spamserv unregister message
2013-09-15 pk910fixed devnull list output
2013-09-15 pk910fixed devnull id's
2013-09-12 NurPechmodified example config
2013-09-01 NurPechadd id field to cmd_search
2013-08-31 Strictedopers now ignore nodelete
2013-08-30 NurPechfixed version output
2013-08-30 NurPechfixed devnull handling
2013-08-27 pk910Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-08-27 pk910fixed variable scope issue in modcmd.c:svccmd_invoke_argv
2013-08-27 NurPechFixed compiler warning
2013-08-27 pk910show MAXSENDQ value in cmd_listdevnull
2013-07-15 pk910fixed dynamic devnull class handling
2013-07-15 pk910added possibility to assign devnull classes to second...
2013-07-15 NurPechSpamserv is now ignoring IRC-OPs
2013-07-15 pk910changed KEY_DEVNULL_LASTID to something more unique ;)
2013-07-15 pk910fixed coding fails in the last 2 commits
2013-07-15 pk910store devnull classes by their (new) id instead of...
2013-07-15 pk910tidied up devnull management and prepared functions...
2013-07-06 lukas9950added cmd_pong
2013-06-24 Strictedfixed fail from NurPech
2013-06-16 NurPechchanged debug notices to channel messages
2013-05-20 NurPechadded oper messages
2013-05-20 NurPechMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-05-20 NurPechfixed coding fails
2013-05-20 NurPechfixed coding fails
2013-05-20 NurPechchanged spamserv,chanserv and watchdog messages to...
2013-05-20 StrictedChanServ.suspend duration
2013-05-20 NurPechfixed compiler error
2013-05-19 Strictedchange spamserv debugoutput from notice to privmsg
2013-05-19 NurPechadded alert for badwords
2013-05-19 NurPechadded configvalue for mininum time at time bans
2013-05-19 Strictedadd svskill
2013-05-19 Strictedadd svspart
2013-05-19 Strictedadd offchannel to cmd_stats_services
2013-05-19 NurPechadd better git version output
2013-05-19 NurPechadded status "network"
2013-05-16 NurPechchange opserv channel notice to channel privmsg
2013-05-16 NurPechIRC-Operatores are now ignored by Watchdog
2013-04-18 pk910Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-18 pk910increased MAXBANS definition
2013-04-14 NurPechadded error message
2013-04-10 NurPechfixed possibility crash
2013-03-03 NurPechadded eclipse project data to gitignore
2013-02-27 pk910fixed cmd_oset parameter handling (* might also be...
2013-02-27 pk910Merge branch 'master'
2013-02-27 pk910bugfix in command "oset"
2013-02-27 NurPechMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-02-27 NurPechbugfix in command "oset"
2013-02-24 lukas9950added some nodelete overrides
2013-02-24 lukas9950updated version information
2013-02-23 pk910fixed possible crash in hostserv module
2013-02-18 pk910Merge branch 'HostServ'
2013-01-12 NurPechupdated helpfile
2013-01-12 NurPechMerge branch 'HostServ' of ssh://
2013-01-12 NurPechbugfix:
2013-01-12 NurPechbugfix:
2013-01-08 pk910Merge branch 'master' into HostServ
2013-01-08 pk910added access restriction to oset (access to the active...
2013-01-08 pk910fixed multiple compiler warnings
2013-01-07 pk910fixed codestyle
2013-01-07 NurPechbugfixes in command "oset"
2013-01-07 NurPechMerge branch 'HostServ' of ssh://
2013-01-07 NurPechadded command oset
2013-01-07 pk910remove manager entry from slfh's when a user gets added...
2013-01-07 pk910fixed linked list failure (used wrong pointer)
2013-01-07 pk910small fixes to last commit
2013-01-07 pk910Merge branch 'HostServ' of ssh://
2013-01-07 pk910rewrote big parts of the code to prevent big code dupli...
2013-01-07 NurPechbugfixes and some polishing
2013-01-07 NurPechMerge branch 'HostServ' of ssh://
2013-01-07 NurPechdeleted possibility for adding an asterisk as toplevel
2013-01-07 NurPechdeleted possibility for adding an asterisk as toplevel
2013-01-07 pk910added cmd_renamehost to HostServ module
2013-01-06 pk910fixed #0000071 (first assignment always got active...
2013-01-05 NurPechbugfix for double free error when you stop srvx
2013-01-04 NurPechupdated helpfile
2013-01-04 NurPechdeleted obsolete checks
2013-01-04 pk910fixed another NULL pointer crash in the same function...
2013-01-04 pk910fixed NULL pointer crash when returning to default...
2013-01-04 pk910updated configuration block comment
2013-01-04 pk910fixed some compiler warnings and prevent duplicate...
2013-01-04 pk910Merge branch 'HostServ' of ssh://
2013-01-04 pk910fixed hostserv codestyle and some (undetected) bugs
2013-01-04 NurPechdeleted obsolete includes
2013-01-02 NurPechupdated Helpfile for module HostServ
2013-01-02 NurPechfixed Helpfile
2013-01-02 NurPechbugfix in function to revoke an assignment.
2013-01-02 NurPechbugfix for segmentation fault when you would delete...
2013-01-02 pk910fixed hs_del_toplevel and assignment removal && codestyle
2013-01-01 NurPechupdated Copyright informations
2013-01-01 pk910added saxdb_read and saxdb_write functions
2013-01-01 NurPechfixed hostserv functions & continued basic functions
2013-01-01 pk910added essential HostServ functions
2012-12-26 pk910implemented set KeepConn time function for later use...
2012-12-17 pk910fixed git-less compilation
2012-11-02 pk910fixed crash caused by 1369871 (NULL pointer)
2012-09-08 Pierre SchweitzerUse nickserv_addmask when adding a new mask to an accou...