2015-05-27 pk910added addOnce command master
2015-04-26 pk910added whois command
2015-04-24 pk910fixed module loading
2013-08-12 pk910Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.pk910.de:16110/ZNCAdmin
2013-08-12 pk910fixed possible endless loop in HTTPConnector.class.php
2013-06-30 NurPechupdates gitignore
2013-06-29 pk910Merge branch 'MixedVersions'
2013-06-29 pk910fixed some PHP Warnings
2013-06-29 pk910fixed coding fail
2013-06-29 pk910show extra information if available
2013-06-29 pk910added possibility to skip version detection
2013-06-29 pk910Merge branch 'ZNCv1' into MixedVersions
2013-06-29 pk910prepared ZNCServer Class to switch between ZNC Versions
2013-06-29 NurPechconverted hardcoded variables to dynamic coded
2013-06-29 NurPechbugfix
2013-06-29 NurPechadded protection state of the servers to stats-command
2013-06-29 NurPechconverted hardcoded channel to dynamic coded
2013-06-29 NurPechadded check if server is protected
2013-04-22 NurPechSigned-off-by: NurPech <nurpech@nurpech.de>
2013-04-22 NurPechbugfix
2013-03-10 NurPechsome changes
2013-01-27 NurPechmade add and list compatible
2013-01-27 NurPechMerge branch 'ZNCv1' of ssh://git.pk910.de:16110/ZNCAdm...
2013-01-27 NurPechfirst changes
2013-01-27 NurPechfirst cahnges
2013-01-27 pk910fixed ZNCServer::parseHTMLFields(): parse select boxes
2012-01-25 pk910fixed ZNCServer::parseHTMLFields(): parse select boxes
2012-01-25 pk910added error message for missing modules (send_raw,...
2012-01-23 pk910added stats command
2012-01-17 pk910added current ZNCAdmin files