keep in sync with OGN upstream (SVN-326)
[ircu2.10.12-pk.git] / ircd / s_user.c
2012-11-12 pk910keep in sync with OGN upstream (SVN-326)
2012-06-28 pk910keep in sync with OGN upstream (SVN-325)
2011-11-03 pk910reimplemented fakeident support WGN5
2011-11-01 pk910don't allow users to change their nick if the new nick...
2011-07-23 pk910copy fakeuser also into Client struct
2011-07-23 pk910extended & fixed FAKEIDENT support
2011-07-20 pk910fixed FAKEIDENT handling
2011-07-17 pk910added possibility for FAKEIDENTS (srvx initialized)
2011-07-13 pk910remove old unused stuff
2011-06-28 pk910Fix oper-on-connect to correctly broadcast +o to neighb...
2011-06-28 pk910ircu2.10.12 pk910 fork WGN4