2013-07-29 pk910Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// master
2013-07-29 pk910fixed bug in Uplink.class.php (fixed handling of Server...
2013-06-10 NurPechadded errorhandler
2013-06-10 NurPechadded ScaleBot
2013-06-09 NurPechadded support
2013-05-19 NurPechadded QuoteBot ( &
2012-05-27 pk910added setServerAddr and isServerAddr to IPAddr.class...
2012-05-27 pk910fixed Numerics::numToInt method && tidied up code
2012-05-27 pk910added isLocalAddress method to IPAddr.class.php to...
2012-04-29 NurPechAdded method getAuthNick() to class P10_User
2012-04-29 NurPechupdated authors file
2012-04-29 NurPechformat
2011-12-30 pk910Another year is about to end... So we have to update...
2011-12-29 pk910reduce HACK(4) messages by using MODE instead of OPMODE...
2011-12-29 pk910fixed small "NICK_ALREADY_IN_USE" bug on kill/quit...
2011-12-26 pk910automatically assign default (HIS) fakehost when user...
2011-12-22 pk910fixed bug in Uplink::kick()
2011-12-21 pk910fixed last commit
2011-12-18 pk910added HALFOP (+h, %) support and Binding filters
2011-12-14 pk910added channel mode +S to the $modes list
2011-12-14 pk910fixed ExampleBot.class.php
2011-12-11 pk910added recv_fakehost (FA) and recv_newfakehost (NFH...
2011-12-09 pk910set UMode +r on AC (ACCOUNT) RAW
2011-12-03 pk910added #CoderCom channel to all debugger bots
2011-11-30 pk910added Perl debugger (PerlGod.class.php)
2011-11-29 pk910added missing L (Leave) command to P10Formatter.class.php
2011-11-27 pk910don't add .class to the java command - and define classpath
2011-11-27 pk910damn case-sensitive java -.-
2011-11-27 pk910fixes small issue in JavaGod.class.php
2011-11-27 pk910fixed JavaGod syntax
2011-11-27 pk910added ability to use for the debugger...
2011-11-27 pk910added JavaGod Bot ;)
2011-11-27 pk910do not replace \n!!!
2011-11-27 pk910fixed inclusions and replace \n with a new line char
2011-11-27 pk910check op on #C not on #PHP for CGod.class.php
2011-11-27 pk910added some more default inclusions for CGod programs
2011-11-27 pk910do not show empty lines in CGod.class.php
2011-11-27 pk910fixed small issues in CGod.class.php and remove old...
2011-11-27 pk910added PHPgod like CGod ;)
2011-08-30 pk910fixed bug in unbindBot
2011-08-30 pk910fixed "Zer0n is stupid"-Bug
2011-08-25 pk910don't trigger mode event if mode change is coming from...
2011-08-25 pk910fixed small bugs in the mode and burst parsing code
2011-08-16 pk910fixed possible empty channel bursts
2011-08-16 pk910support for multi-target notices ("multicast")
2011-08-10 pk910fixed Bot database handling
2011-08-10 pk910again improved number_format parameters
2011-08-10 pk910convert numbers to float before passing them to number_...
2011-08-10 pk910formated numbers of PulseBot.class.php
2011-08-10 pk910fixed small cache bug within PulseBot.class.php
2011-08-10 pk910fixed PulseBot xml format #2
2011-08-10 pk910fixed PulseBot xml format
2011-08-10 pk910fixed variable name :D
2011-08-10 pk910fixed missing parameter in PulseBot.class.php
2011-08-10 pk910added PulseBot
2011-08-06 pk910fixed indentation chars (code style)
2011-08-06 pk910we need to parse +b even if we have no ban handler...
2011-08-04 pk910it seems that $host can't be "::0"... i'll check this...
2011-08-04 pk910added small stupid MCBot
2011-08-01 pk910fixed small burst parsing bug
2011-07-28 pk910fixed PING reply (and faked it a little bit :P)
2011-07-28 pk910added default CTCP replies
2011-07-28 pk910changed file headers & added AUTHORS file
2011-07-28 pk910added some more events
2011-07-28 pk910added LICENSE file
2011-07-28 pk910fixed header of IPv6.class.php
2011-07-28 pk910small intToNum fix
2011-07-28 pk910test our new IP Parser ;)
2011-07-28 pk910remove the user from the users array on quit
2011-07-28 pk910utf8 decode console outputs
2011-07-28 pk910some fixes
2011-07-28 pk910infinite looooooooop :)
2011-07-28 pk910UMODE +g doesn't share it's parameter
2011-07-28 pk910some transfer fixes
2011-07-28 pk910ircu gives us real nicknames on usermode changes
2011-07-28 pk910added own IPAddr Class and rewrote the IP Address parse...
2011-07-28 pk910added some debug output
2011-07-28 pk910implode mode string with " " as delimiter
2011-07-28 pk910fixed P10_ModeSets.class.php
2011-07-28 pk910mode fix
2011-07-28 pk910workaround for broken ipv6 numeric builder
2011-07-28 pk910fixed whois
2011-07-28 pk910burst only channels we've users in
2011-07-28 pk910fixed join binding of IPv6.class.php
2011-07-28 pk910small syntax fix
2011-07-28 pk910fixed some warnings
2011-07-28 pk910added IPv6.class.php
2011-07-28 pk910added recv_mode
2011-07-28 pk910added per user / per channel stats
2011-07-28 pk910fixed small transfer bug in Stats.class.php
2011-07-28 pk910fixed P10_Channel.class.php checkChannel()
2011-07-28 pk910added RRD Stats Module
2011-07-28 pk910added HIS option to example config
2011-07-28 pk910added config file
2011-07-28 pk910fixed Client.class.php (block timeouts) and some other...
2011-07-28 pk910added PHPGod.class.php (PHP Module)
2011-07-28 pk910finished first "alpha" version of PHP-P10 v2
2011-07-27 pk910continued BotLoader, added ModManager.class.php & timers
2011-07-27 pk910added saxdb & continued BotLoader
2011-07-27 pk910fixed BotLoader.class.php header