updated authors file
[PHP-P10.git] / main.php
2012-04-29 NurPechformat
2011-12-30 pk910Another year is about to end... So we have to update...
2011-08-10 pk910added PulseBot
2011-07-28 pk910changed file headers & added AUTHORS file
2011-07-28 pk910added config file
2011-07-28 pk910finished first "alpha" version of PHP-P10 v2
2011-07-27 pk910continued BotLoader, added ModManager.class.php & timers
2011-07-27 pk910added BotLoader basics
2011-07-27 pk910added Bot class (simple method dummy) & fixed some...
2011-07-27 pk910added ModCMD.class.php with simple binding principle
2011-07-26 pk910added channel Burst
2011-07-26 pk910some more bug fixes (linkable version now)
2011-07-26 pk910syntax & bug fixes (first startable version)
2011-07-26 pk910added P10_Server.class.php & recv_server
2011-07-26 pk910start writing PHP P10 pack v2 (hopefully without bugs :D)