2013-10-13 pk910added small interface master
2013-10-13 pk910added .htaccess to .gitmanaged directory
2013-10-13 pk910fixed merging errors
2013-10-06 pk910fixed variable error
2013-10-06 pk910fixed branch view with GLOBALS
2013-10-06 pk910fixed branch view
2013-10-06 pk910fixed last commit
2013-10-06 pk910added possibility to use origin branches
2013-10-06 pk910fixed last commit
2013-10-06 pk910removed debug output
2013-10-06 pk910fixed missing --work-tree parameter
2013-10-05 pk910don't include file from default branch in execute()
2013-10-05 pk910continued working on basic functionality
2013-10-05 pk910added basic functions to GITManagedWebpage.class.php
2013-10-05 pk910initial commit