fixed language format string fail
[NeonServV5.git] / src / modules / NeonServ.mod / bot_NeonServ.c
2012-12-17 pk910fixed language format string fail
2012-09-06 pk910*** VERSION 5.6.0 ***
2012-08-21 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-21 pk910modified code to use IOHandler functions instead of...
2012-08-21 pk910added bot/ircop mark to cmd_nicklist
2012-08-12 pk910*** VERSION 5.5.0 ***
2012-08-12 pk910rewrote IRC cache parser to be (hopefully) more stable v5.4
2012-07-01 pk910added recover function to NeonBackup (used to recover...
2012-07-01 pk910fixed some bugs
2012-07-01 pk910added NeonBackup bot
2012-05-19 pk910added BlockInvite uset setting to block invites globally
2012-04-29 pk910add more information when deleting a user; added zombie...
2012-04-03 pk910fixed cmd_set nodelete
2012-03-31 pk910added OPER support (let the bots try to op themselves)
2012-03-22 pk910fixed 4wins, uno ranking output and some language strings
2012-02-18 pk910added automatic unregistration of unvisited channel
2012-02-16 pk910*** VERSION 5.4.0 ***
2012-02-11 pk910added to each directory
2012-02-11 pk910rearranged NeonServ code to be modular