Merge branch 'development'
[NeonServV5.git] /
2013-02-13 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-12-19 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-12-17 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-12-06 pk910added NeonBackup recover command
2012-11-12 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-11-12 pk910added blackjack game
2012-11-10 pk910added mutex debugger
2012-10-18 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IoMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-10-18 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-09-27 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-27 pk910added new multi log system
2012-09-26 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-24 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-09-24 pk910tidied up main.c code
2012-09-23 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2012-09-23 pk910moved inviteme all to an own command called invitemeall
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-09-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/IOMultiplexe...
2012-09-06 pk910Merge branch 'development' v5.5
2012-09-06 rootfixed file permissions ( && src/
2012-09-06 pk910added NeonKick bot (just kicking users from channels...
2012-08-28 pk910Merge branch 'IOMultiplexer'
2012-08-27 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-27 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-25 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-23 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-08-22 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/IOMultiplexer...
2012-08-22 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-22 pk910Merge branch 'master' of git://
2012-08-22 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-21 pk910Merge branch 'master' into IOMultiplexer
2012-08-21 pk910modified code to use IOHandler functions instead of...
2012-08-13 pk910changed to compile IOMultiplexer files
2012-08-13 pk910Merge remote-tracking branch 'IOMultiplexer.git/master...
2012-07-26 pk910added NeonHelp history command
2012-07-01 pk910added NeonBackup bot
2012-03-22 pk910added cmd_global
2012-03-22 pk910added 4wins game
2012-03-17 pk910added NeonFun Bot with UNO Game
2012-02-20 pk910added NeonSpam Badword scanner
2012-02-16 pk910added stats module for
2012-02-16 pk910moved cmd_move to global.mod and fixed crash in bot_Spa...
2012-02-15 pk910fixed WIN32 compatibility
2012-02-12 pk910moved cmd_extscript from NeonServ.mod to global.mod
2012-02-12 pk910added module management commands
2012-02-12 pk910fixed installation process
2012-02-12 pk910modified to build shared module (.so)
2012-02-12 pk910multiple fixes
2012-02-11 pk910added to each directory
2012-01-30 pk910added small memory debugger to detect memory leaks
2012-01-29 pk910added signal handler
2012-01-18 pk910added cmd_stats to NeonHelp
2012-01-15 pk910added QServer for external cache access
2012-01-12 pk910added full half-op support
2012-01-12 pk910added IPNode for storing real IP's of users
2012-01-06 pk910added some more helpserv functions
2012-01-04 pk910Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-01-04 pk910added first helpserv functions
2011-12-25 pk910added cmd_modcmd
2011-12-22 pk910added cmd_reconnect
2011-12-22 pk910added cmd_addbot and cmd_delbot for dynamic bot management
2011-12-21 pk910added cmd_setbot for dynamic bot management
2011-12-14 pk910added cmd_nicklist
2011-12-11 pk910added new files to
2011-12-10 pk910added AC_ARG_ENABLE to to use -W (all...
2011-12-06 pk910added OpenSSL handler
2011-11-14 pk910added NeonHelp bot (without any functions, yet)
2011-11-10 pk910added cmd_bots (lists all bots)
2011-11-10 pk910added cmd_motd command (just reading out motd.txt file)
2011-11-06 pk910added new self-made config parser with new config style
2011-11-04 pk910added cmd_staff
2011-11-04 pk910added DoNotRegister system and command cmd_noregister
2011-11-02 pk910added small language pack update script
2011-11-01 pk910added structure for future fun-commands
2011-10-31 pk910added cmd_commands and changed cmd_command to a global...
2011-10-31 pk910simplified modcmd system
2011-10-26 pk910added useless DummyServ (just for getting some events...
2011-10-24 pk910added simple anti flood system
2011-10-22 pk910do not optimize code right now
2011-10-19 pk910added cmd_set for NeonSpam
2011-10-18 pk910added basic NeonSpam code (no functions)
2011-10-17 pk910added cmd_extscript
2011-10-17 pk910added cmd_unvisited
2011-10-05 pk910added cmd_rename
2011-10-04 pk910removed cmd_debug
2011-10-04 pk910added cmd_info & cmd_debug
2011-10-03 pk910added support ranking system
2011-10-03 pk910fixed
2011-10-02 pk910added mysql config file and some initial database insta...
2011-10-02 pk910some modifications for WIN32 support :)
2011-10-02 pk910tried to reorder the program structure and build process