2013-03-05 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed small operator fail master
2013-02-13 pk910fixed missing include for non-blocking connects
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added auto-reloading timers
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added possibility for higher resolution...
2012-11-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added timer test program
2012-11-14 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed non-SSL compilation
2012-10-18 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed SSL accept event handling
2012-10-17 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added SSL Server Sockets and IPv4/IPv6...
2012-09-24 pk910added additional iohandler_poll_timeout function
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed copy paste fail in IOEngine_kevent.c
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed undefined PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE...
2012-09-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed IOEngine_kevent.c
2012-08-23 pk910[IOMultiplexer] prevent SIGPIPES from being generated
2012-08-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] do not request events from closed descr...
2012-08-22 pk910[IOMultiplexer] fixed possible endless loop when append...
2012-08-13 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added multi-thread support
2012-08-13 pk910[IOMultiplexer] moved test program into own sub-directory
2012-08-13 pk910[IOMultiplexer] changed example main.c to be a very...
2012-08-13 pk910[IOMultiplexer] added win32 io-engine (WSAAsyncSelect)
2012-08-13 pk910[IOMultiplexer] initial commit